1. Scheduling

Take control of your schedule

Choose which services are bookable online, accept or decline appointments, and send customizable auto reminders.


Appointments management

Easily book, accept and decline your appointments. Create your own schedule and manage your availabilities.

Complete practice schedule overview

Doctena & Calendar sync

2. Electronic health record

All your patients' information in one place

Easily access to your patient's information, history and prescriptions for each appointment. Make their follow up easier and faster.


Patient overview

Fill and access your patient's information. See their history, next appointments and missing data. Always know when you have to invoice them.

Prescription management

Customizable Report and Follow up

3. Billing

Always bill on time

From your patients invoices to your practitioners payroll, always have an up-to-date financial overview of your practice's.


Patient billing

Easily generate and send invoices to your patients. Always know when you have to invoice them. Customize your invoices.

Practitioner payroll


Other products & analytics

4. Communication

Seamless connections, better communications

Simplify connections: effortless contact and access to crucial care information for clients and colleagues


Patient access

Give you patients total flexibility to book appointments, access their health records and invoices, and communicate with you.


Invoices by mail

Professional Social Network

5. Customization

Make everything yours

Customize our solution to make it feel like you want. Your practice, your rules.



Make the invoices look like you want. Add your logo, your colors, your information.




6. Support & Security

We are here for you

We are here to help you. Our support team is always available to answer your questions. We also take care of your data security.



We provide a full digital support to answer all your questions. We also have a dedicated team to help you with your onboarding and problems.


100% cloud

Up to date



Stay connected


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